Just think, you can buy a new car or 6.5 foot Optimus Prime? Oh, and it doesn't transform, it just stands there. And points—at you, probably, laughing silently.

As part of Transformers' 30th anniversary, Takara Tomy is offering this made-in-Japan Optimus Prime for a cool 3 million yen (nearly $30,000). The statue is being crafted by Tokyo-based Arregro, which makes large-scale suits and sculptures for promotional displays.


The giant Optimus Prime will be out later this year in Japan. No word if it will be released outside the country.

However, the price does include shipping (within Japan) as well as the stand. For those that live outside of the greater Tokyo region, an assembly service is not offered so putting it together is something you must do yourself. Good thing Takara Tomy is including instructions, huh? Those are included in the price as well. What a good deal!

初代総司令官コンボイ [Takara Tomy]

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