Oh, you thought we were done with vuvuzelas? Hell no, now you can play the bitches in the inevitable "Vuvu Hero" flash game spoof.


Newgrounds' Rubber Ninja, well ahead of the trend curve, gives us a game that'll make you want to punch yourself in the face. There's only one fret of course, but the note highway does seem to travel in time with the music, and the lag makes it a real challenge to chain together note sequences. I played "Tetris on the Toilet" and only got "that was kind of alright."

Six songs are included with Vuvu Hero. Here's the setlist.

• Girlchan in Paradise by Egoraptor
• CAD Song by Ken Ashcorp
• Slap Chop Acoustic by Chadneidt
• A Glorious Dawn by Symphony of Silence
• I Wish There Were Still Dinosaurs by Ken Ashcorp
• Vuvu Hero by Ken Ashcorp
• Tetris on the Toilet by Evildog

No DLC is planned as of yet.

Vuvu Hero [Newgrounds, thanks, Dodge S.]

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