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Do I Want To Go As Princess Peach For Halloween?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I resisted going as a video game character for Halloween because cosplayers' homemade duds invariably put mine to shame. But now video game costumes are commercial — so I should get my Peach on.

Option 1 — Actual Cosplay
This gown/crown combo with gloves and earrings goes for the sale price of US$159.99 — and it comes in mens sizes.


Option 2 — Slightly Skanky
This off-the-shoulder outfit comes with only the tiara and gloves, but at $49.99, that's not so bad.


Option 3 — Slightly Cuter Skanky
The bow on this gown is way cuter than the default skanky gown and the crown appeals to me. Also comes with short gloves for $48.95.

Option 4 — Cute And Skanky
You get the best of both the cute and skany worlds with this one — and the gloves are full-length. Still at $56.95, I'd like a better crown.


Option 5 — Cartoony
For those of you who can't bear to bare your legs, this may be your best bet. You get a full-length dress and crown — but no gloves — for $39.99. (At time of press, it's out of stock.)


Option 6 — Hot Topic
You know you're going cheap-and-easy when you turn to Hot Topic. Time was these guys had some amazing Halloween costumes, but just glancing at this flimsy Peach getup shows you how far the standards have fallen. Goes for $49.99. (Note: This might actually be the same dress as Option 4 — but the price is different and this model looks fuglier, so I'm counting it as a separate entry.)