Above we have two backcover magazine ads. One is for Soulcalibur IV, and the other one is for Moe Sta. You remember Moe Sta, it's that English training game that features cutesy girls and features 5,000 English questions that cover the spectrum from junior high school school tests to the Tokyo University entrance examination to help players "level up" their English.


While SCIV is rated CERO C (15 and up) for violence most likely, Moe Sta is CERO B (12 and up). Just check out that Moe Sta ad! It reads: "Do BLANK with me?" Hit the jump for a bigger version.

NDS「もえスタ〜萌える東大英語塾〜」の広告がエロ過ぎ、ホントにCERO『B』? [裏はちま起稿]