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Another Moe English DS (With Game Promo Video!)

Illustration for article titled Another Moe English DS (With Game Promo Video!)

Remember that English-teaching jailbait DS game featured on Japanese site Famitsu? Well, here's another. Innocuous enough! Dubbed Moe Sta, the title features 5,000 English questions that cover the spectrum from junior high school school tests to the Tokyo University entrance examination to help players "level up" their English. Hit the jump for the slightly NSFW promo trailer that features the angels Grammar, Idiom and Word. Might want to watch it without the sound — unless you want a headache. Or have developed a tolerance to being jabbed in your ear drums with sewing needles.

Moe Sta [Akiba Blog]

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Brian Ashcraft

You mean, you guys actually like that song? Ungh.

*goes back to listening to John Lee Hooker*