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Ex-Team Ninja boss Tomonobu Itagaki drinks. And never sees sunlight. Which explains the vitriol, because when he's not taking swings at Tekken, he's taking swings at Devil May Cry and Okami creator Hideki Kamiya. The Tekken things, that's just a spirited expression of personal taste, but the Kamiya thing...dude may have a point, because he was only responding to these comments by the ex-Capcom man:

I've never played Ninja Gaiden, and to be honest, I'm not that interested. The quality that gets you interested in something is that you feel something for them. Like on TV, or a movie, or a song, or whatever. You just feel something, and you get pulled into it, and then that's how you pick something up. But Ninja Gaiden just didn't have that power, so that's why I wasn't interested in it.


These Japanese developers, they're like an all-male soap opera. Stay tuned for next week's episode, where Keiji Inafune calls Miyamoto a "total bitch". Devil May Cry Creator 'Not Interested' in Ninja Gaiden [1UP]


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