DLC Explained In A Disney Nutshell

I feel like I could sing along to this DLC dub-jam from Destructoid blogger and YouTuber Genki-JAM (aka SMNtoob) without even knowing the words. Yes, it's partly because I've watched Aladdin more times than I've played Super Mario RPG (we're talking double digits, here), but also because of the salient, underlying truths bolstering this satire. And if nothing else, this is just hilarious; I think the bad singing actually helps.


But wait, there's more! One more, and it's another dubbed Disney song, using Mulan as a vehicle for next-gen hype parody. I can't wait for the next instant classic, "Under the Wii."

Make Way For DLC! [Neogaf]

Make Way For DLC [Destructoid]

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My biggest problem with DLC is that they effectively killed the good old expansion. Now instead of releasing the game, waiting like a year to get all the complain and find place to expand/improve, then releasing a large amount of content all tied together by a large story, you end up getting a bunch of little stuff, all disjointed, with little to do with the actual story.

Oh and day one release that's just content that they cut, obviously.