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DJMAX Technika Tune's Limited Edition is Extremely Limited and Ridiculously Fantastic

Illustration for article titled emDJMAX Technika Tune/ems Limited Edition is Extremely Limited and Ridiculously Fantastic

Korea's finest export comes to the PlayStation Vita on October 26, but waiting until then to buy would be ill-advised. The spectacular $100 limited edition goes up for preorder on Monday, September 24, and if you want DJMAX Technika Tune, you want this.


With it's lovely musical mix and often insane difficulty, DJMAX is an acquired taste, but once you've acquired that taste you become a ravenous, DJMAX-hungry beast. A beast who, when faced with a list of exclusive items like the one that follows, can't help but drool just a little.

Just look at this list:

- DJMAX Technika Tune PS Vita game
- 2 Disc Original Soundtrack for DJMAX Technika Tune
- DJMAX Technika Tune Visual Book featuring artwork from the game
- DJMAX Technika Tune Hand Strap
- DJMAX Technika Tune Screen Cleaner
- DJMAX Technika Tune branded armored PS Vita game case
- DJMAX Technika Tune PS Vita Pouch


I want all of these things. Sadly my children have eaten my gaming budget, and by the time I refresh it those preorders will be gone. I'll just have to preorder the regular edition on Amazon or download it directly from the PlayStation Network when it becomes available shortly after release.

Those of you with the means, however, should stay tuned to the game's official website, which is currently counting down to preorder day madness. There are only 750 pieces available in North America, so be quick like a bunny or forever clean your screen with a non-DJMAX Technika Tune screen cleaner.

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Am I the only one that really thinks that this game is a bad idea?

Don't get me wrong, I really, REALLY love DJMax, I used to be a huge DJMax Online junkie, imported the DJMax Trilogy First Print version from PlayAsia, got me a PSP for the only purpose of playing Black Square, Clazziquai and Portable 3, got me TapSonic on my cellphone, and already lost around a hundred dollars on my local DJMax Technika 3 arcade machine... And this last one is the main reason of why I am exceptic about Tunes.

I mean, how do you expect me to be excited about a game meant for a 22" touchscreen... On the Vita? If this was announced for the iPad... Hell, THIS is a game I'd be really looking for on the iPad!!! The Vita screen is just too damn small for this!!!