DJ Max Portable 3 Turns The Tables With Triple-Track Remixing

PM Studios and developer Pentavision mix things up in DJ Max Portable 3 with a three-track remixing system causing fingers to fly even faster over the PSP's buttons later this year.

PM Studios dropped news of a North American release for DJ Max Portable 3 in 2010 back in May, teasing a new feature that would change the way the game is played, and here that feature is. The traditional DJ Max deck now has wings, and those wings hold the key to remixing the game's more than 50 tracks on-the-fly as you play.

I would have been fine with just more songs and art, but this works too.


Last year's DJ Max Fever is still my favorite game on the PSP. I can reach out from where I am typing this, flick the power switch on the system, and the game is right there, waiting for me. We'll see if the seventh PSP iteration of the series can take its place later this year, when DJ Max Portable 3 hits on UMD and the PlayStation Network.

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I hated the control scheme of the older games. Tried them out briefly and just couldn't stand it. I thought the lower button difficulties had an odd way of handling it, but the higher button difficulties that controlled as I'd expect were waaaay out of my league.

This one appears to be laid out differently, so perhaps it'll be worth giving the series another shot.