DJ Max Fever's Extremely Limited, Ultra-Expensive Edition

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Fans of Pentavision's DJ Max series are a fiercely loyal bunch, but are they fiercely loyal enough to shell out $130 for the ultra-limited the crew edition of DJ Max Fever for the PSP?

The series might be a bit obscure - I was the only person who pre-ordered a copy of DJ Max Fever at my local GameStop - but the fans truly adore the mix of intense rhythm gameplay, lovely artwork, and quirky Korean music that defines the franchise. As a way of saying thanks to said fans, publisher PM Studios and Pentavision are releasing extremely limited quantities of the DJ Max Fever the crew edition.

So what's in the box?

Folks who order one of the 125 copies going up for pre-order tomorrow will receive the game in a special housing created exclusively by the developer for the US release, the three-disc DJ Max Audio Trinity Soundtrack, a DJ Max Art book, a jigsaw puzzle, a Limited Post Card set, an NB Rangers Mask, a collectable DJ Max Technika IC player card, and a copy of game signed by the developers.


Is all of that worth $130? Ask me tomorrow morning, if I manage to snag a pre-order.

Pentavision & PM Studios present DJ MAX FEVER -the crew edition- []

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Rear Admiral Meatwad

One word Gentlemen.

(Que no me agaren esos pinche policias de la copyright y toda esa mierda.)