DJ Hero Only Possible Thanks To Activision Merger

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Yeah, Activision are currently making a "DJ Hero" game, but they've been trying to get one made for years. Problem being that, unlike rock music, a lot of dance and hip-hop music is a licensing rights nightmare thanks to copyright laws regarding the use of sampling (not to mention the fact the game will encourage you to create your own mixes). So for the longest time, it looked like a "DJ Hero" game was nothing more than a pipe dream. That was until Activision went and merged with Vivendi, however, giving them access to Universal's record label catalogue. Making the copyright stuff a little less tough. Wonder how big a role this project played in discussions between the two companies? 'Guitar Hero' Publisher Working On 'DJ Hero,' Source Confirms To MTV News [MTV]


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That pic of Z Trip got my hopes up, thought he might be involved in some way... that'd be pretty sweet.