DJ Hero's track lineup expands by three this Thursday with the JAY-Z vs. Eminem Pack. Bear witness as I mutter through an exciting mashup of "Can I Get A…" by JAY-Z mixed With "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.

DJ Hero is a game that's a little tricky to pick back up after spending five or so months off the wagon. It's also a game that makes it hard to talk and play at the same time. You might notice in my play-through that I never once hit the Euphoria button, DJ Hero's equivalent to Guitar Hero's Star Power. This was because I had enough spinning, scratching, and cross-fading to worry about, and didn't want to give you folks a three minute video of me breathing.

Not because it wouldn't be entertaining, but rather because it would be a dupe, more or less.


All in all, the JAY-Z vs. Eminem Pack offers a nice trio of new mixes. The one I'm playing there is probably my favorite, but I'm also fond of the "Without Me" and "Encore" mashup, with "Shake That" vs. "Show Me What You Got" taking a close third.

So it's definitely quality DLC, but as with previous DJ Hero releases, the price is still steep. 640 Microsoft points or $7.99 for three songs is hard to swallow, even if we do understand the licensing nightmare creating original mashups can be.


Look on the bright side; at least you don't have to pay premium prices for new tracks every week, right?

Thanks to everyone who gave me video capture tips, incidentally. As you can see, once I nail the aspect ratio issue, I'll be golden.