DJ Hello Kitty Opens With "Motherf**kers"

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Sanrio Puroland, the Hello Kitty and friends theme park in Tokyo, has been holding Halloween celebrations. DJ Hello Kitty got things started with a big “Motherfuckers, go!”

DJ Hello Kitty is an officially licensed Sanrio character that debuted back in 2010. Since then, DJ Hello Kitty has been appearing in clubs all over the world.


And here is the DJ’s recent appearance at Sanrio’s kiddy theme park.

Motherfuckers, go!


Among English-language profanity, motherfucker or “mazaafakkaa” (マザーファッカー) is relatively well-known in Japan.


Or as the Twitter user below wrote, “DJ Kitty shocker! [The set] started with the f-word.”


The crowd skewed older, and the set looks way more fun than your typical theme park light parade.


For more, check out DJ Hello Kitty’s Facebook page. Go on, mofos, do it!

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Out of genuine curiosity, is the apparent prevalence of English profanity in Japanese society (on t-shirts, coming out of Hello Kitty at theme parks, etc) down to the fact that English profanity just isn’t considered profane in Japan, or is there a generally less Puritanical attitude toward profanity as a whole in that country?

It cannot possibly be “they just don’t know what it means,” which is an excuse I see far too many people use. We had a sister school in Osaka when I was in undergrad, and the students that would come over from that institution often spoke better English than the American kids going to school in the middle of Illinois.

So, really, what gives?  Is it more or less the same thing as dinguses who want to look more worldly than they are tattooing kanji they cannot read on themselves?