Another Microsoft-Published Xbox One Launch Game Is Coming To PC

Xbox One launch game Ryse is coming to PC this fall, according to the folks behind the game, though not via the game's original publisher Microsoft. There's a little bit of a curious pattern developing here with Xbox One launch titles.

A third-person action game set in ancient Rome, Ryse was developed by Crytek and published by Microsoft for the Xbox One's launch last November. The PC release, however, will be co-published by Crytek and Deep Silver, the latter of which recently took over development of former Crytek project Homefront 2.


That makes Ryse the second Xbox One launch game published by Microsoft last fall that's coming to PC later this year. The first was the Capcom-developed Dead Rising 3, which Microsoft put on its console but which will be published by Capcom for its September 2014 PC release.

This is by no means a sign that purported Xbox One exclusives are a lock for PC ports, but it does suggest some relative ease in terms of porting the games over. Given that neither of these games were made in-house at Microsoft, these could be fringe developments. It'll be a whole other story if Microsoft starts bringing their new Forza, Fable and Halo games to PC.

As for Ryse itself, the PC port will include the original game and downloadable extras from the console game. The PC version will support 4K resolution, according to a press release quote from Crytek director of business of development Carl Jones. Some thought the third-person ancient Rome action game was gorgeous but too simplistic. But others—including the person typing these words—liked it a bunch.


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