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For the last month, it’s been pretty easy to play both The Division and Destiny. That changes tomorrow.

The Division benefitted from the fact that it launched during a low Destiny ebb. There hadn’t been much new to do in Destiny for months, and plenty of hardcore players (raises hand) had been in the midst of a long break. What better time for a new, similar game to come along?


Tomorrow, both games get a substantial shake-up. The Division will get its first raid-like Incursion, as well as a big update that will tweak the balance and add a bunch of new features. Meanwhile Destiny will get its first major new PvE content since The Taken King came out last September; the light level-cap will raise, new gear will become available, Crucible balance will shift and we’ll all have a reason to do Prison of Elders again.

For those of us who play both games, a decision is looming. Which game do we play first? Which one gets more of our time and attention over the coming week?

Important note about this poll: It is just for fun. Obviously, it’ll be possible to play both games, but my hunch is that most people have one they’re planning to play more, so I’m not including a “both” option. This poll is for people who have both games; if you only have one, don’t vote.

Picture it: It’s tomorrow afternoon. You have a few hours free. You sit down and start to play… which game?

Illustration for article titled iDivision/i and iDestiny /iPlayers: Which Will You Focus On Tomorrow?

Update: Poll’s closed. The Division took a small but consistent lead in the early goings (shown above), but it looks like at some point after that someone screwed with the voting and got it stuck at an endless 50/50. Then again, maybe Destiny and The Division players are just that evenly split...

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