Well, this is cool: The excellent PC role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin is getting a new “Enhanced Edition” later this year, and it’ll be coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

The Enhanced Edition sounds like a substantial upgrade. Happily, anyone who already owns the game on PC/Mac/Linux will get the new version, “as a complete new package,” for free. According to an announcement sent out by developer Larian Studios, those upgrades include:

•New intuitive user-interface tailored for controllers

•Dynamic split-screen for co-op

•Fully voiced and remastered dialogs with AAA-actors

•Hours of new content; quests, combat-styles, locations, changes to the crafting system and a reworked storyline breathe new life into the already expansive world of Rivellon.


The PC and console versions will released at the same time. According Larian, that’ll happen “at the end of 2015.” They’ve posted more information on their Kickstarter page, along with this video that talks about the Enhanced Edition:

I’m skeptical of how well this game’s copious Ultima-style inventory management will translate to a controller, but I think it’d be really fun to play in local co-op. In fact, I bet that playing through it in co-op with a friend on the couch would make it feel like a completely different game.

Regardless, it’ll be a good excuse to start a new game and check out all the stuff Larian has been adding since it first came out. Any reason to play Original Sin again is a good reason, in my book.

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