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Divinity: Original Sin II Announced, Will Be On Kickstarter Soon

Illustration for article titled iDivinity: Original Sin II/i Announced, Will Be On Kickstarter Soon

One of last year’s biggest surprises was Divinity: Original Sin, a Kickstarted role-playing game with a unique co-op system that blew Kirk away and took home a coveted spot on our GOTY list. Today, the folks behind Original Sin have announced a sequel.


Developer Larian Studios have yet to share details on Divinity: Original Sin II—I guess it’s a sequel to Divine Divinity’s prequel—but they are doing one cool thing: In preparation for the Kickstarter campaign, which they’ll launch on August 26, they’re crowdsourcing ideas for rewards. So if you want to go bug them for (the chance to buy) a nice hoodie or a strategy guide, you can go to their forums and get it done. Or check out the blog post from Larian boss Sven Vincke to see their explanation as to why they’re launching another Kickstarter after Original Sin was so successful.

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So this is why I don’t Kickstart anything, anymore.

The simple truth is Divinity 1 went on to make a ton of money. If they can’t get funding for this game, they either aren’t trying, or they realize that if they kick start it, they don’t have to pay investors a return on investment.

Either way, it’s kind of sleezy.