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Ditched Splatterhouse Developers Wish Namco "The Best"

Illustration for article titled Ditched Splatterhouse Developers Wish Namco The Best

Earlier this week, Namco confirmed to Kotaku that California-based developer BottleRocket Entertainment is no longer working on the upcoming multi-platform Splatterhouse reboot.


Namco showed up at the developer's offices and took back the dev kits and Splatterhouse assets with the intention of having the Afro Samurai team finish the game.


Regarding Namco's decision to take the studio off the project and completing Splatterhouse in-house, BottleRocket Entertainment stated, "BottleRocket wishes Namco the best in completing their project. The BottleRocket development team is looking forward to turning their attention to a new project soon to be announced."

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Namco you suck! I refuse to buy Splatterhouse, now made by the team that brought us Samurai Samuel L. Jackson in digital form and somehow made it mediocre. I didn't even think that was possible.