Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Is Like Doing Your Taxes On The Moon

In 2008, I wrote the Kotaku review of Dissidia Final Fantasy for the Sony PlayStation Portable. Well, now it’s 2018. I made a video about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which is available now for the PlayStation 4.

In 2008, I said Dissidia Final Fantasy was “like doing your taxes on the moon.” I meant that the game involved a lot of numbers, and also that the characters’ feet barely ever touched the ground. I also meant that the game takes the players to a fantastical place (the moon), and then asks them to sweat over something mundane (their taxes). Both of these interpretations of “taxes on the moon” apply to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which presents the player with even more moon, and even more taxes.

Also in my video, I explain why I sometimes genuinely like over-designed video games. I will talk to you about some cool modern Japanese arcade games. You will get to see some NASCAR shirts I own. You will also be able to view some crisp 1080p 60fps footage of your favorite Final Fantasy characters in triple-A 3D. In other words, my video is pretty much like playing Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.


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Amethyst Seer

This looks Sysyphean to learn, even loving the FF games, and TEAM Ninja, I have absolutely no idea how to even parse what I am seeing in the gameplay footage. How would you even cover this sort of game at EVO?