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Disney Princesses Would Be Fascinating Warcraft Characters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Poor Disney characters, they have to live through the weirdest transformations over and over. But there should be no escape for them, when the results are as good as LiberLibelula's World of Warcraft mashup on DeviantART, where—among others—Snow White is transformed into a female dwarven paladin.

So here's Jasmine from Aladdin, transformed into a blood elf.


Followed by an undead Megara from Hercules.

Kida from Atlantis is now a female Troll.


Cinderella just got hooves, she's now a nice looking Draenei.

This happens when Sleeping Beauty sleeps too much. She becomes an Undead.


Here's Snow White, portrayed as a dwarf. Obviously.

And finally Rapunzel, coming off badly (at least in Warcraft lore) as a Gnome.


Head over to LiberLibelula's gallery for more, and I'd still love to see Ariel as a Naga.

Disney meets Warcraft [LiberLibelula, DeviantART]

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