Disney is "Pouring Money" Into Something Called Toy Box

Illustration for article titled Disney is "Pouring Money" Into Something Called Toy Box

It's yet to have been officially announced by the company, but in an interview with the New York Times, chief executive Robert A. Iger mentions a project called Toy Box, which is apparently an "ambitious" initiative.


The article says it's "a console game with extensive mobile and online applications", and will involve "various Pixar and Disney characters" interacting with each other.

That's all it's got, which isn't too much to go on, but given the fact it's a console game and not a browser title you'd expect it to be, well, a game, and not just some social thing where kids click in a digital salt mine for DisneyDollars.

The way the report also says Disney is "pouring money" into the project suggest at the very least they're swinging for the fences with it. Whether what we get is a next-gen MMO, a cooperative action game or something cool we don't even know about, I guess we'll find out in the months to come.

Disney, Struggling to Find Its Digital Footing, Overhauls Disney.com [New York Times]



Sounds awful-

-ly like something that could sell quite well.