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Disney Epic Mickey's Delightful Platforming

I really wish Disney Epic Mickey was just a platformer.

I love the concept of the third-person action game, of using paint and thinner to warp and build the animated environment around you. And when I played the game earlier this year it was a ton of fun. But every time I catch a glimpse of those sharply animated platform levels for the game it makes me wish that's all the game was about.


Just look at those beautiful levels shown off in this B-Roll for the Wii game that Disney Interactive uploaded to YouTube.

Maybe Disney will follow up with something like that for fans like me who miss the good old days of tiny graphics and giant, timed jumps.

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Cooking Utensil

Hmm... I spent many hours of my childhood being frustrated at the last good Mickey 2D platformer.

Thing is, now I wanna go back and play it again. Ah, masochism once more rears its ugly head...