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Disney Dreamlight Valley's First Big Update Sees Scar Dropping Next Week

The villainous big cat from The Lion King film will join other villagers like Mickey and Wall-E

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A young woman carrying a pick axe stands next to Scar.
Image: Disney / Gameloft

Let me get the easy joke out of the way. Are y’all prepared for the next Disney character making their way to the popular Animal Crossing-like Dreamlight Valley? I hope so, because the evil and wicked lion Scar, the big bad from the 90s classic The Lion King, is arriving in the life sim next week.

Released last month, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life sim that has a lot in common with games like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Players arrive in a strange world and have to help popular Disney and Pixar characters rebuild their once gorgeous village. Since the game’s release in Early Access in September, it’s been a huge hit across all platforms. And while the game was already packed with Disney characters, like Remy, Anna, Elsa, and Moana, the game’s developers promised more content was coming this fall.


Announced today, after a good amount of teasing, Scar will be the first new villager added to Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of the game’s first major content update, which is scheduled to arrive on all platforms on October 19. The update will be free and will also add a brand new Star Path to the game, aka a new battle pass, complete with fresh rewards and challenges. The first Star Path was heavily Pixar-themed, though we don’t yet know what the idea is behind the upcoming one.


It’s not a surprise Scar is coming to Dreamlight Valley. In the game, you can find an area that appeared to be ripped right out of The Lion King, which seemed to be his future home. Not only that, Scar appeared in promotional artwork and trailers, too. Oh, and the devs confirmed he was next in a small roadmap posted early in September. Still, while it’s not a shock he’s joining the game, it’s still a treat for fans of the famous feline to know he’s coming this soon. I know I’ll have the iconic “Be Prepared” song stuck in my head once he joins my village.

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The eagle-eyed among you might have spotted a pumpkin and some creepy-looking ravens in the small gif announcing Scar’s arrival that was posted on the official Dreamlight Valley Twitter account. Does this mean we might be getting a full Halloween update on October 19? Perhaps. As someone who adores Halloween-themed game events, I’d love that. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

After Scar, we should be getting Toy Story characters, based on the previously mentioned road map. That update should arrive later this Fall and will also be free across all platforms.