Disney Accused of Stealing Chiptune Music

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Earlier this week, chiptune band Anamanaguchi got a little upset when they saw a clip from a Disney app called PIXEL'D. The song used for the video sounds a lot like Anamanaguchi's Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues.

I'm no copyright lawyer, and this is a messy area at the best of times, but I'd say they've at least got the right to be curious, especially given the fact PIXEL'D uses a retro aesthetic that the band has not only used in its own videos, but is featured in games Anamanaguchi's music has been in, like Scott Pilgrim.

As the band said on Twitter, the whole mess can be solved quickly and with minimal fuss. A single Lizzy Mcguire episode, a walk-on role, some pre-teen-friendly chiptune rock, and everybody's sweet.


Anamanaguchi [Twitter, via ALBOTAS]

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I'm sorry, but they are different enough. Anamanaguchi can't just get pissed off because Disney is using a chiptune song that sounds relatively similar to theirs, as if they have the right to all chiptune-sounding music.

Put it this way; If Vanilla Ice can prove Ice, Ice Baby wasn't stealing from Queen's Under Pressure, than I can guaran-damn-tee you that Anamanaguchi ain't gonna get shit out of this. They need to stop getting their panties in a twist, and all of their fans need to quit being whiny sheep about it. It's a free app, and Disney is only using the music for advertisement. It's not like they are actually making money off the song itself, for crying out loud.