Disgaea 3 Trailer (Now In English!)

Disgaea 3's due in, oh, a couple of months in the US, but you wouldn't know it from how quiet everyone's been. What, no hype left for Nippon Ichi and Disgaea? No love for Stupid Hard Levels? For switching seats with classmates? Come ooooooonnnn. Maybe this English-language trailer for the game will get you in the mood for throws, and Prinnies, and combat of a tactical nature.


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@fuchikoma: The hype about stupid hard levels is very deceptive. The Disgaea games favor damage output more than anything else. There are lots of options on what method you use to deal the damage, but it all boils down to maximizing your damage output in the shortest span of time. Some people like this style of game, others don't.

The Disgaea games tend to be a mix of love it or hate it elements. It is hard to stay neutral about the series.