The Amazon Exclusive Cowboy Bebop Premium Set is now up for preorder, and $30 off MSRP no less. [Cowboy Bebop] | Thanks UI 2.0!

I was just thinking I don't buy too many blu-rays anymore, and then there's this and the new Twin Peaks set.

You can once again grab a Playstation 4 for $360, free shipping, and in most states no tax. This if for the savers. [Playstation 4]

If you're dead set on white, the Limited Edition Destiny Console is also still up for preorder.

The 32GB Vita Memory Card, which even with a deal is still overpriced, is down within a few dollars of its low at $67 today. [32GB Vita Memory Card]

This is probably more suited as a bedroom TV than the anchor of your home theater, but $250 for a 39" screen from a big-name manufacturer is fantastic. [Panasonic 39" 60Hz 1080p TV, $250]

If you just can't abide wires, these highly-rated Bluetooth on-ears from MEElectronics are only $40 today, or about $20 off their usual price. All of the color options are available in the $40-$50 range, but all white or all black are the cheapest right now. [MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones with Microphone, $40]

Preorder The Fault In Our Stars Little Infinites Extended Edition with exclusive Infinity Bracelet and lock in the $25 (or lower) preorder price. Also includes digital copy. [The Fault In Our Stars]




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