Disco Elysium’s Beefed-Up Director’s Cut Coming March 30

You’ll be seeing a lot of these guys.
You’ll be seeing a lot of these guys.
Image: ZA/UM

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Stadia on March 30, developer ZA/UM announced today.


The cerebral adventure game, which was first released to critical acclaim in 2019, puts you in the shoes of a complete mess of a detective as he and his partner investigate a murder in the fictional city of Revachol.

Disco Elysium (YouTube)

The Final Cut acts as a sort of director’s cut for Disco Elysium, adding full voice acting, expanded language options, new characters and areas, and political vision quests that allow you to further bake the overarching ideology you’ve chosen for the main character into the adventure. Given the out-there nature of much of the game’s dialogue, I can only hope the additional voice acting will be just as good as the original game’s.

Folks who already own Disco Elysium on PC will be able to upgrade to The Final Cut free of charge. If you’re waiting to play it on Xbox or Switch, those versions aren’t due until summer.

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No word on the Epic Store release?!

Edit: OH this article got it wrong. The announcement states “PC” not “Steam”, so that would include the Epic Store release.