Disc Room Will Forever Take Place 69 Years In The Future

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Some of us played Disc Room last year and loved it, but today we learned something new: the fact that it will forever be set in the future, no matter how far into the future you ever decide to play it.


Via RPS, one of the game’s creators, Jan Willem Nijman (formerly of Vlambeer) has been dropping little facts about the Disc Room for a while now on Twitter, leading to the weekend’s revelation that it will just keep on adding a year to the original setting of 2089, “so that our ancestors don’t have to deal with the whole ‘this is the year disc room was set in’ drama.

Since the game came out in 2020 and was set in 2089, that means no matter how many times we complete a circuit of the sun, Disc Room will be set 69 years in the future.



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Descendants. Ancestors came before us, descendants come after us. That is all.

Wait, no; one more thing: nice.