Disaster Strikes Disaster: Day of Crisis

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Quickjump reports that, according to a Nintendo news release, Disaster: Day of Crisis, being developed by Monolith Soft for the Wii won't make its July 2008 release date in Japan and has been delayed indefinitely.


Reason for the delay: lengthen the development process to improve the quality of the product. That has back-to-the-drawing-board written all over it, IMHO. The game involves surviving/coping with repeated natural disaster strikes while taking down a rogue military unit that's seized a nuclear weapon - 24 meets The Day After Tomorrow meets The Core meets ... So it will need big visuals and super realistic physics to be a winner. Maybe that's the problem, who knows.

Disaster: Day of Crisis Delayed Indefinitely [Quickjump Network, thanks El Cernex]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

There's so much nerd rage and bashing in this thread that it could be the perfect Ban Monday bait post

@D Mitsuki:Uhh..the door is that way—>

@Drake Lake:The game already had a major flaw in it when the devs couldn't justify their design. Shiggy couldn't help them fix that.

@Sailorcancer:Still passive-aggressive trolling I see and with a star now too!


As for me, am I one of the few people not upset to hear this? Am I one of the remaining folks who would rather see a game put on hold instead of a half-ass effort thrown out on the market place that will make no one at all happy and will make people wonder what the heck they waited for?

Nintendo knows more about making games then you do folks. Remember that.