Illustration for article titled Disaster: Day of Crisis No Longer Pinned Under Rubble Of Indefinite Delay

Nintendo has dated Disaster: Day of Crisis for Europe, pegging the Wii action-adventure for October 24, curing it of its previously reported "indefinitely delayed" status. From developers Monolith Soft (Baten Kaitos, Xenosaga), Disaster puts gamers in the shoes and beard of Raymond Bryce, retired U.S. Marine and former International Rescue Team operative, as he takes on terrorist organization SURGE and various natural disasters. "What kind of natural disasters?" you've clearly asked — earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, with a dash of "roaring pyroclastic flow" thrown in. Bryce will punch boxes, shoot bears and be manly as he tries to stop global destruction and rescue a brilliant but helpless woman. No announcement yet on the stateside release date for Disaster: Day of Crisis. Nintendo of America's press site has removed all mention of the title, so we'll poke their flesh and blood resources for more details.

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