Dirt Showdown's Commentary is the Audio Equivalent of a Smirnoff Ice and a Popped Collar

As a fraternity man, and as a guy whose gamertag is, literally, "dudemanbestbro1," it pains me to say this but, yes, Dirt Showdown goes a little overboard with its woah-killer-brah commentary. Who the hell did they hire for this, the SAE rush chairman?

Seriously, though it's not in this video, the announcer will call you "Gnarldog." Swear. If you gave Richmeister from Saturday Night Live a job calling the Saturday night dirt track races, it'd probably sound like this.


Dirt Showdown's demo is available now; the full game is coming from Codemasters on May 25. The soundtrack is turned all the way down to enhance the commentary but, as Chris Person tells me, "imagine him over the douchiest music ever."

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