I'm going to tell you a secret. My favourite racing series of this generation has been neither Gran Turismo nor Forza. It's been Codemaster's Dirt series. A new game in the franchise should be cause for joy, then, but, well. Hrm.


The next game isn't Dirt 4. It is, as GameSpot describes it, "an arcade-style spin-off that takes the extreme-sports elements of Dirt 2, mixes in the Gymkhana events from Dirt 3, and then throws in some Destruction Derby action for good measure."

Handling has been changed to make the thing feel more arcade-like, there's online multiplayer but also two-player splitscreen as well.


So it's Dirt, but it's not Dirt.

That's all the information we have, aside from the fact it's available on PC, PS3 and 360 in May. Presumably as a downloadable title, given the timeframe.

Dirt Showdown [GameSpot]

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