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Dirt 3 Introduces: The Reverse Uncanny Valley

We've seen plenty of games trying to achieve photographic realism, but how often do we come across attempts to make real life look more like a game? The folks over at Codemasters have done just that, with their latest tie-in video for last month's racing title Dirt 3.


Shot using a tilt-shift lens, this video of Ken Block whizzing around London's Battersea Power Station has the appearance of having been miniaturized or computer-generated.

Dirt 3 is currently out on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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What the hell? Am I the only know that can blatantly tell that that's a small RC car?

1) The car's handling is TOO sharp

2) The props are obviously model replicas, the light doesn't reflect off them properly and they look plastic

3) All of the backgrounds are blurred in.