Digging Up Bamboo Shoots. And Then Eating Them.

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This week is Golden Week in Japan—a series of holidays. Because it's Golden Week, Japanese game news has pretty much come to a halt. The entire country is on vacation.


Earlier this week, I had a day off. And I spent the morning digging up bamboo shoots, or as they're called in Japanese, takenoko.

(I'm not sure what they're called in other Asian languages—sorry! I *believe* the bamboo that grows in Japan is the same variety that grows in China, but I'm not sure.)

In this clearing, my kids and I dug out the sprouts shooting a few inches above the ground. I used a shovel and a hatchet type tool to dig them out. That ended up being the entire morning. It was good fun.

This land is owned by a friend of a friend, who basically wanted us to help him clear it so it wasn't overgrown with bamboo.

Then when we got home, we cleaned them off and boiled them. Then, we made rice with bamboo shoots. Delicious.

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This reminds me , i have recently been reading some articles here and there and it talked about land mines that were left from previous wars.

Any left in japan from ww2?