Diehard Nintendo Fans Debate Whether Donkey Kong Is Good Or Evil

Nintendo's famous ape seemed like a villain back in the original Donkey Kong game, but he's been a good guy recently. Which is it? We asked people who would know, some of whom were dressed as Nintendo characters.


This video was shot in November at the Nintendo World Store. Thanks to all who agreed to answer this tough question for Kotaku.

Fun fact: In November Donkey Kong did something unusual, starring as hero and villain in two new games. That may be a first.



Well that was a great interview. You polled a bunch of kids so young they couldn't possibly know the entire library to form a valid opinion, possibly the creepiest guy I've ever seen, and a nintendo rep, you obviously isn't going to call the star of their latest title a bad guy.

Has anybody thrown down the possibility that DK is just a gorilla and isn't smart enough to really be considered good or bad?

In DK he escapes from the zoo and kidnapps a pretty girl. perfectly normal behavor for a gorilla. Also he attacks the guy trying to imprision him, which is really self defense.

In DK2 he's captured by the evil mario.

In DK3 he wanders into a greenhouse and hijinks ensue.

He's clearly a "hero" in all the DKC games, but in actuality all he ever does is protect his food and family. Again, quite ape-like.

In the mini's games he get jealous and steals toys. He's not committing murder guys. Basically he's too dumb to understand things like possession.

So to answer the question:

Is he a good guy? No

Is he a bad guy? No

Is he childlike and innocent like a primate should be? Yes!