Did You Win This Week's Best Buy Trade-in Contest?

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Recently we've been asking readers to send in proof that they're been making the best of Best Buy's killer trade-in program—you know, the one where you take your old games and exchange them for cold, hard Best Buy gift cards? In return, we promised to pick a few lucky entrants and double their returns. Well, we've sifted through the throngs of receipts you sent in, and are ready to announce the winners. Are you one of them?

  • Winner: HugheJass
    Original trade-in value: $70
    Prize: $140
  • Winner: Pumpkin City
    Original trade-in value: $70
    Prize: $140
  • Winner: Hiro0015
    Original trade-in value: $80
    Prize: $160

And for those who missed out on today's contest, have no fear! There will be a few more chances to win in upcoming weeks. So just keep maximizing your trade-in power at Best Buy—and watch Kotaku for your opportunity to enter!

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