Did You Win One of Three Pro Elite Wireless Controllers?

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Over the weekend we kicked off a contest to give away a Pro Elite Wireless PS3 Controller from Power A to three readers.


The controllers have reverse analogs, motion control, dual rumble, glowing buttons, custom L2 and R2 triggers and are rechargeable. The good news is that you didn't have to do anything if you already subscribed. Everyone who gets the Kotaku newsletter was entered.

Here are the three winners:

We've emailed all three of you. Please respond with your name, number and mailing address. Thanks and congratulations. Stay tuned for the Call of Duty: Black Ops contest, which we are announcing later today.

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Just for my information (FMI?), do you think you can tell us how many people are currently subscribed to Kotaku, and a rough estimate of how many more subscribe when you make a new contest?

I just want to know what LITTLE chance of actually winning anything ever through these drawings :P No, I'm not going to UNsubscribe if you give me a high number, I'm just going to stop having high hopes.