Did You Catch Our Podcasts? No, We Don't Suck at L4Dead, Cooking

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We ran two videos on Turkey day.

One featuring my hackneyed attempts at simultaneously cooking and talking... about DS title Personal Trainer Cooking. The other featuring Fahey, McWhertor, Adam and I running through Death Toll in Left 4 Dead and talking about stuff, like the economy, the future of the Wii's Balance Board, our favorite holiday games.


Poor Adam, who was our in-game video man for Left 4 Dead, got an awful lot of heat for sucking at the game. Actually we all did. In Adam's defense, he had never played the zombie shooter on the 360, and was trying to simultaneously handle the "camera" and make sure he was capturing the audio and video correctly. So he's not THAT bad. Sure he let a hunter pummel me into the ground. Sure, he was shooting up at the sky, sure he TOTALLY didn't have my back when I was manning the machine gun.... OK, so maybe he does suck.

I kid because I care.

If you missed out on the videos (and finger-pointing) hit up the posts and check them out. We plan to keep up the in-game video podcasts, switching up the platforms and games we do them in. Heck, we might even open it up to guests on occasion, maybe even YOU! Then we can mock you for sucking while you try to play a game and have an intell... a conversation.


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Let's put it like this. I went out and bought Left 4 Dead today just because of that video.

Also Crecente, you should do a weekly cooking podcast. I thought it was hilarious. Also a podcast on your hair management is much needed. God how do you get your hair to look so damn good