Kotaku Video Podcast (Now With Zombies)

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Yesterday Mike McWhertor, Mike Fahey and Adam Barenblat joined me in a friendly game of kill the zombie on the Xbox 360 while we talked about the flagging economy, our personal favorite games, whether the balance board is a gimmick or controller and why Zombie Tanks suck in Left 4 Dead. That's right Zombie Tank, I'm talking to you!


Sit back, digest your Turkey and enjoy us... trying... to carry on... a conversation... while zombie hordes.... attack... and we wait for the.... boat. Dammit, I'm dead again.

Remember to check out the Cooking with DS video from this morning if you're hankering for a second helping of Kotaku video today. You can also browse the Kotaku Video library over on iTunes which is packed full of time-wasters and nonsense.

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I love the podcasts, please keep making them.

You're right though about Kotaku's popularity. I'm the only person out of all my video game playing friends that visits this site.