Did LucasArts Just Bolt From The ESA, Too?

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The Entertainment Software Association confirmed late last week that two of its members—Activision and Vivendi Games—were no longer with organization, after they decided to "discontinue their membership." The pair were just two of the publishers who opted to bail on E3 this year, showing potential signs of discontent with the ESA and its annual show. They may not be the only ones.


Today, it would appear that another publisher may be joining Activision and Vivendi as a former ESA member, as GamePolitics points out that LucasArts is no longer listed as one of its members, a recent and unannounced change. The official E3 Summit web site still lists LucasArts as a participating company. We have a request in with the publisher to learn more about their ESA status and will update when we hear back.


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Well the charm of E3 is gone since they decided its private. So let it die and create a new pissing contest, I'm dead serious, I want a megaevent that hypes me for games so much that I won't sleep for more than an hour a day thinking about the games.