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Sales are abound during the New Years holidays in Japan. Here's a list of the most popular items purchased — including game hardware.


On January 4 of this year, a little over 1,200 members of RealWorld RealResearch were polled about their New Years shopping. Here's the sample breakdown: 59.1 percent were male, 8.7 percent were in their teens, 7.4 percent in their twenties, 20.8 percent in their thirties, 12.8 percent in their forties, 27.6 percent in their fifties and 22.6 percent were in their sixties and up.

Out of that sample, only 10.6 percent purchased electronics during the New Year. (Ouch.) Here's what they bought:

1. Television: 16.6 percent
2. Digital camera: 14.6 percent
3. Computer peripherals: 13.9 percent
4. Computer: 11.9 percent
5. Portable audio player: 8.6 percent
6. Blue ray player, recorder: 6.6 percent
7. DVD, Hard Disk player, recorder: 6.6 percent
8. Portable games machine (PSP, DS, etc): 5.5 percent
9. Console games machine: 3.9 percent
10. Audio device: 3.9 percent
11. Mobile phone: 3.1 percent
12. Video camera: 0.8 percent


Too bad we don't know which consoles they bought.

Electrical Items Bought At New Year Sales [What Japan Thinks]

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