Did Hideo Kojima Secretly Reveal Metal Gear Solid V's Release Date?

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Even if you watched The Game Awards last week, it's easy to miss the detail that some Hideo Kojima fans are obsessing about right now. For most viewers, nothing about Kojima's presentation of Metal Gear Solid Online seemed out of the usual.


But as fans such as YongYea point out, Kojima's shirt is worth paying attention to. Yes, really.

Notice the text? While Kojima's coat covers part of it, the text seems Swedish. To fans, this is notable because we've seen Kojima use Swedish twice recently: during the stealth reveal of The Phantom Pain (which also partially involved a T-Shirt), and for one of the biggest reveals inside of P.T. Not only is Kojima known for mindfuckery puzzles, he's used Swedish AND T-shirts for said puzzles too. Both puzzles involved secretly revealing something, too. As ridiculous as it might sound, it's possible that fans are onto something here.

So what does the shirt say? Redditor zWeApOnz theorizes that the partially-covered text is "tjugoandra den sjätte." That's Swedish for "twenty-second" and "sixth." Assuming this is meaningful, then it could be read as a date. June 22nd. Presumably, June 22nd of next year.

Fans are assuming that this could be taken as a stealth announcement of Metal Gear Solid V's release date—which, given the context (a presentation about Metal Gear Solid) is fair. But I can't help but wonder if it's equally possible that the date is actually a Silent Hills nod, especially since so much of that game, from its stealth announcement to its gameplay, is wrapped around puzzles. Who knows! It could be nothing at all, too. Just as Kojima likes messing with his fans, I think fans are willing to read a lot into Kojima's work sometimes. You should see some of the wild theories floating around for Silent Hills.


Regardless, we contacted Konami to ask about Kojima's shirt, and will update you should we hear back. Right now, it's clear that even if the shirt turns out to not mean anything, it's still very fun to talk about it.



No because that date is a Monday. Releases are never on a Monday. It's probably something though.