Activision Blizzard. Before, they were just "Activision" (full stop) and "Blizzard" (full stop). But when the two companies went all Voltron on us, they turned into Activision Blizzard. Alphabetic ordering aside, how'd Blizzard feel about that. Company co-founder Frank Pearce:

We actually requested that it be called Blizzard Activision... You can't win every battle.

What, no one was hip to Blizzivision? Or our personal favorite Actard? About Activision CEO Robert Kotick, Pearce added, "He understands the value of the success that we've achieved, and recognizes that we've got a franchise that's successful, and doesn't want to mess with that." Whew, that's good to know. Pearce Interview [Kikizo via VG247]