‘Dickbutt’, ‘Shitlord’ and Other Naughty Words Your Character Can Say in Nintendo’s First Mobile Game

Miitomo is brand new, marking the first time that the House of Mario is entering the brave new world of mobile gaming. The game currently has a big rookie mistake: you can swear like the rudest teenager ever in it. Let’s hear how my Mii sounds with a mouth full of filth.

Nintendo has a venerable decades-old reputation for putting out kid-friendly, inoffensive entertainment. Sure, they slip up sometimes, but folks generally expect that Nintendo-branded products are a safe haven from all the assholery that can happen in video game culture. That’s why it’s worth noting that Miitomo—the company’s new mobile game that just debuted in Japan—seems not to have any language filtering whatsoever.

The lack of a filter became apparent last night after I took Miitomo out for an initial run. I went back to the app today to see just how permissive the text-to-speech feature is. The video above shows a cursory run-through of some salty language I entered into one of the fields. I frankly got embarrassed and stopped before continuing further. Hopefully, this gets addressed before Miitomo rolls out to more countries across the globe.

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Some mii-generated chaos can be a good thing, though.

For a few years now, my friends and I have made a tradition out of holding a Super Smash Bros tournament on my birthday, one friend of which is obsessively competitive (it happens with single player games too - he just can’t handle the idea that he hasn’t mastered something yet). He, of course, has held the trophy for the past two years now with his dribbling asshole of a Donkey Kong.

Well, this year, based on the number of people who came to my party we had to settle on ar round robin tournament, which in the end saw me, mr. Donkey Kong, and another of our friends tied for first, with my final match against mr. Donkey Kong deciding which of us would face friend 3 for the championship.

Mr. Donkey Kong has a very shallow sense of humor.

Mr. Donkey Kong let me pick the level.

I knew I couldn’t beat him in a fair fight, and so I went with the Miiverse stage, hoping that enough random, disturbing bullshit would show up in the background and hoo-boy, I was not disappointed. Mr. Donkey Kong was laughing so hard at the background images and cursing me for fucking him over that I got a flawless victory on the bastard. I lost against friend 3 in the final round, but I didn’t care. My victory had already been achieved.