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Dick Flashing Comedian Flashes...His Dick For Patapon 3

Egashira 2:50 is the Japanese comedian with a heart of gold. He also likes to whip out his dick. And during the filming of a Patapon 3 promotion, Ega-chan does exactly that.


At the beginning of the clip, Egashira says he isn't going to pull out his dingaling during the PSP promo. Skip ahead to around the one minute and fifteen second mark to see Egashira doing his impression of various Patapon 3 characters, as well as making up his own Patapon 3 character. No dick just yet.


And when his Patapon character impressions are finished, he starts doing others, such as Ryoma Sakamoto. And when that's finished, he pulls down his pants. The shooting for the Patapon 3 browser game was over eight hours long, and it climaxed in a man's penis.

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f***ing creeped out. Thanks Bashcraft.