"Day 15 - I wanted to play on the Wii but cooked a banana cake instead." That's an excerpt from a diary of a nine-year-old who gave up video games for 30 days.

The UK's Daily Mirror has published the diaries of a few children who dared to keep themselves from TV, computers and video games for a month.


Here are some of the gaming-based moments from that painful period, as experienced by these young students of, curiously, a karate school.

Beth Lawrence-Skitch, age 10

Day 11 - I helped my mum tidy up today. It was a bit boring but then I went to gymnastics and I love gymnastics! I've been so busy I haven't even thought about TV or video games.

Rowan Scott, age 10

Day 16 - We made up our own game of Harry Potter and made our own wands. My mum thought it was funny as we're normally in my room playing Harry Potter on the computer!


Hamish Lucas, age 9 (who also wrote the line up top about banana cake)

Day 28 - Dad says the games I play on the Wii are better in real life, so he took me skateboarding. It was fun. We're tenpin bowling tomorrow.


Personal disclosure: The longest I've gone without playing games was about three weeks, when I was in Tanzania five years ago. I've never done 30 days.

No television, no computer, no Wii... how did these children manage? [Daily Mirror]
[PIC of random Banana Cake]

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