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Diablo IV Will Let Players Use Controllers On PC And Rebind Practically Everything

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Diablo IV will feature an array of expanded control options for PC users, Blizzard revealed today in the first of its new developer blogs. These will include the ability to use controllers on PC, as well as rebinding the primary skill from left mouse click to the keyboard.

Blizzard first announced Diablo IV at BlizzCon 2019 last November, giving players the opportunity to try out an early build on the show floor. The game’s lead user interface designer Angela Del Priore said in the blog that during this demo, and in the months afterward, fans asked for an option to assign primary skills “to anything but the left mouse button” in order to separate abilities from movement.


Del Priore went on to say that in addition to being able to assign any skill to any slot, every skill slot can now be rebound to customized keys. Blizzard is “committed” to incorporating this feature for controllers as well, she said.


Since this is the first time Diablo is being developed for consoles and PCs simultaneously, Diablo IV will include the option to swap freely between controllers and keyboard-and-mouse setups. Del Priore said that the user interface is being designed with both of these control schemes in mind.

“We try to maintain this sort of approach, of keeping established keyboard and mouse conventions while creating controller-friendly shortcuts or alternate flows, throughout the game,” Del Priore said. “Controller support shouldn’t be a limiter on how complex our game can be; it just means we have more paths that we need to consider. It’s not a simple undertaking, but we’re really striving for a native feel for both types of inputs.”

The blog also details changes that Blizzard has made to the Diablo IV inventory screen since BlizzCon, the option to move the action bar depending on player preference, how it plans to avoid screen clutter for couch co-op sessions, and the design philosophies behind monster “families” and the Cannibal enemies.