Diablo III's Skeleton King is Ready to Pound You Into the Floor

His Majesty King Leoric of Khanduras was already a decently badass-looking boss in Diablo III, especially considering his lowly status as the game’s first unique boss. Well, here, he’s on a whole other level.


This piece of 3D fan art was done using...

Zbrush for modeling, maya for retopology and rigging, substance painter for textures and final render in Marmoset Toolbag,

...by Gilberto Magno, a 3D character artist from Brazil. His work, which he shared on the Polycount forums on Sunday, is based on Blizzard’s art for the Diablo III incarnation of the Skeleton King.


It might look like concept art, but it really is a 3D model. See?

What a beauty.

There’s more shots below, and work-in-progress pics (plus a breakdown) at the artist’s site.


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