Diablo III's Male Wizard Is A Sexy Rock God

Blizzard has revealed the male model of Diablo III's wizard class, sporting a look that many late 70's, early 80's rock stars would have given all of their chest hair for.

First the female monk, then the female barbarian, and now this guy, the male wizard. Comparing concept art to concept art, the male wizard in Diablo III is showing just as much, if not more skin than his female counterpart, who made her debut during BlizzCon 2008. My goodness, has this game really been in development this long?


Of course, when you look at the in-game model, seen below, the male wizard is covered from head to toe in clothing and armor, while the female version still has her arms and neck exposed. I hope there's an outfit that looks more like the sexy rock god concept art, as that's how I plan on rolling in Diablo III.

Now we just have to wait for the female witch doctor, and then Blizzard can release the game!

Pretty please?


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