I thought I was done playing Diablo III, a game I happily zipped through as a demon hunter when it came out on PS4. I played with friends, cleared the story, hit level 70, barely understood what Adventure Mode and Paragon Points were and put it down. That was more than a year ago.


Here in early 2016, I’m playing again thanks to a couple of significant patches and a much better understanding about how to get the most out of the game. In fact, Diablo III is probably my second-most-played game of 2016. This is after I’d not played it for about a year. I’ve been digging it enough that I figured I’d make a video for any fellow casual, lapsed Diablo III players to show off some of what’s new but also to explain some of the old systems I’d failed to understand the first time around. (Hint: keep playing your highest-level character!)

If you’re an expert, much of what’s in the video above will seem obvious. But if you’re fairly fresh to the series or have a copy of Diablo III sitting around that you haven’t thought about in a while, hopefully this will help. I also recommend checking out our recent tips for the newly-updated game:

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